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Welcome to the Heathkit Shop

It's good to be back!

Starting the first of 2014, I will be forced to increase the price of most of the power supply upgrades. This is due to the constant price increases that I have, in the past, been eating. The last batch of pcbs cost over three times what they were just five years ago, so for example, the price of the Drake AC4R will go up $9. That's the first price increase since 2004. Any one that has shipped a box knows that shipping cost and the fuel fees have gone up. Shipping now will start at $8.

I am trying to build up stock. Many products are not in stock so email me for availability. The AC4R will be first, then the Drake L7R and then Micro M kits next.

I have Clipperton L pcbs in stock, Dentron GLA1000R in stock, and complete Heathkit HP23RL in stock

Drake AC4R kits are in stock
Micro M+ charge controllers back in stock

Featured products


New radio and old amplifier? Then you need the Ampkeyer. The Ampkeyer allows you to operate your older HF amplifier without risk of damage to your new transceiver.

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Drake AC4R power supply

The AC4R continues to be one of the most popular kits we sell. Designed to be installed inside the Drake AC4 power supply, this pcb upgrade replaces all the older capacitors and diodes. Only the transformer and the bias adjusting pot are reused.

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Heathkit HP23RL upgrade

The HP23RL is a upgrade for the popular Heathkit HP series of high voltage power supplies. They were required for the HW and SB series of HF transceivers.

These are high voltage supplies that produce 900 volts dc along with a 250-300 volts dc as well as bias voltage and of course filament voltages in either 12 or 6 volts ac.


SB-104 LED upgrade

To keep those old SB-104s running, and the displays bright, I've laid out a replacement PCB that trashes the gas discharge tubes Heathkit used and replaced them with modern solid state LED displays.

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Calibrator for the Drake R4B radios. New product coming soon

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Sorry to say, I don't have manuals or parts of any kind

Here's the link to the Heathkitshop assembly manuals:

Link to the Heathkit shop assembly manuals.
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About a year or so ago I decided NOT to take on any more projects. There's just not enough time in the day to cover my day job, keep up with the email and work through my pile of dead radios.